Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Update from me..

Sorry I haven't gotten much posted. I rather not repeat the last few months and now this month. I feel that I owe you all an explaination. Firstly I was sick for 6 weeks. I lost my grandpa and then was sick again. Then I lost my uncle and now sick again. Then this month. Dh got let go from his new job the end of the first week of this month. Again! He had been laid off before that from where he worked for 10 yrs. After a few months he got hired in as a temp at the new place. We were thrilled, it was a major paycut but it was only 15 minutes away from the house. Once he got hired in full time his pay would have went up. But with the Auto Industry struggling and where we live most jobs are tied to them in some way. Some big orders were cancelled and they had to let DH and 3 others go. He had to wait until the 15th to call unemployment. He called and they said he's eligible, but instead of the normal a check being mailed in a day or 2, he has to call back now the 24th. So no money coming in for us.
I normally love the Christmas Season, baking cookies, buying gifts, and all the wrapping, everything! But I am so down this year. At first we thought okay it will just be a very small Christmas, but now with this problem with unemployment. We still have a 20yr old (with disabilities), a 17yr old, and my 3yr old grand-daughter here with us, and I get down thinking that they will not have much of anything for Christmas. Okay enough of the depressing stuff! If you've read through all this thank you so much!
I've added a donate button on the right side now. So if you'd like to help me out that would be great. If not that's fine too! lol I have been working on a surprise freebie for Christmas for everyone. Hopefully I can get it finished and posted by the end of the weekend coming up!
Hugs Tammy

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Sol said...

Oh dear! That situation but disappointing! Here in Brazil we have followed closely the crisis in the United States. Look, do not think that will have a bad Christmas, think that the next year things will be better! Everything will work, you'll see! This Christmas I pray to the Father of Heaven asking that his family is share of blessings in this and in every home in your life!
A big kiss from my family for your family!


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